The ScheduleOnce connector for GoToMeeting

The ScheduleOnce connector for GoToMeeting completely automates the provisioning of GoToMeeting sessions. Customers receive a single ScheduleOnce confirmation, including all meeting details in their local time zone. This saves time, increases participation rates, and conveys a professional image to your customers. Learn more about the GoToMeeting web conferencing platform

GoToMeeting integration enables you to:

  • Schedule one-on-one meetings and group sessions: Each booking made creates a new GoToMeeting session. When multiple customers sign up for the same session, such as a webinar, each booking receives the same GoToMeeting details.

  • Automatically provision GoToMeeting sessions: When GoToMeeting is set as your default web conferencing option, a GoToMeeting session is automatically created whenever a new booking is made.

  • Automatically generate integrated notifications: GoToMeeting session details are an integral part of all ScheduleOnce notifications, enabling your customers to receive a single confirmation with all required information. This saves time and provides a professional image to your customers.

  • Configure by Booking page: The ScheduleOnce connector for GoToMeeting provides direct access to GoToMeeting audio settings, allowing you to set audio connection options for each Booking page.

  • Enjoy integrated cancelling and rescheduling: When a booking is cancelled or rescheduled by either the Customer or the Owner, the necessary updates are automatically made in GoToMeeting.

Learn more about the GoToMeeting integration:

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