The Tracking ID

All individual sessions booked via ScheduleOnce have a Tracking ID, a unique eight-character string that identifies every booked session. e.g. Tracking ID: B316006

Tracking IDs eliminate all confusion around identifying an appointment, a big benefit for organizations with a large appointment volume.

For example, let’s say a Customer calls you and wants to know specific information about their appointment. Using the appointment’s Tracking ID, you can immediately pull up the information related to that booking. You will not need to scroll through a list of appointments to find the one you need.

You can search for an appointment by its Tracking ID in the Home page activity stream.

The Tracking ID of individual bookings can be found in each activity’s Booking details tab in the Home page activity stream, in the Scheduling confirmation page, Calendar events and in all email notifications that use the Default templates.

The Tracking ID is also available as a Dynamic field which can be added to ScheduleOnce detail reports as well as to our Custom notification templates.

If you use Session packages, every package has its own unique Package ID. Each session within the package also has its own Tracking ID. The Tracking ID for each session can be found in the Calendar event and the specific sessions’ Booking details tab in the Home page Activity stream.

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