SMS pricing

SMS notifications are priced and billed separately from other ScheduleOnce products, which are invoiced on a recurring basis. SMS notifications are purchased in packages of credits, which are deducted based on usage.  

SMS pricing is the same for every mobile number globally. We do not charge different prices or deduct more credits based on destination. 

SMS Prices

SMS credits are purchased in packages. Every standard SMS sent requires one SMS credit. A standard SMS is one that is 160 characters or less in length. 

SMS credits Cost Cost per SMS credit​
100 $15 USD $0.15 USD
200 $25 USD $0.125 USD
500 $50 USD $0.1 USD
1000 $90 USD $0.09 USD
2000 or more TBD $0.08 USD

Understanding the SMS balance

Every standard SMS sent deducts one SMS credit from the SMS balance. A standard SMS is one that is 160 characters or less in length. SMS notifications that are longer require additional SMS credits.

SMS credits are charged per SMS notifications sent, not delivered. ScheduleOnce uses a robust stable network with a very high delivery success rate. 

SMS credits are purchased by an Administrator and are available to every User on the account. When the SMS balance reaches 25% of the last purchase and when the balance reaches zero, the account Administrators will receive an alert via the Notification center in their ScheduleOnce account and via email. To view your SMS balance go to Account -> Products -> SMS credits. For more information on how to monitor your account’s SMS usage see Understanding the SMS log data

Trial SMS credits

Every new ScheduleOnce account receives 25 free SMS credits and every new User receives 3 test credits for testing their mobile number. You can send yourself a test SMS from your Profile. Click on your profile image or initials in the top right corner, and select My Profile -> Notifications

Learn more about sending SMS notifications​:

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