Introduction to Email from your domain

Email from your domain allows you to personalize and brand your ScheduleOnce email communications. Using Email from your domain will associate ScheduleOnce generated emails with your company and team members, making the experience more personal for your Customers and Users.

Email from your domain involves customizing User and account email settings, allowing you to send all emails related to booking activity, the ScheduleOnce widget, and new User sign-up, from your domain and email address of choice.

The Email from your domain settings are customized at the organization-level and when activated, the Sending email address is changed for all Users. When you do not use Email from your domain, User email settings, such as the name label for the sending email address and the reply-to email, are customized by individual account Users.  


Email settings when not using Email from your domain

User email settings, such as the name label for the sending email address and the reply-to email, are customized by individual account Users.

To locate the User email settings:

  1. Click on your profile image or initials in the top right corner.
  2. Navigate to My Profile -> Notifications.

Email notifications sent to Customers

When not using Email from your domain, emails sent to Customers will come from “ScheduleOnce Mailer <>”. The emails' name label (aka Sent from name) and the Reply-to email address (aka Customer replies sent to) can be customized by each User (See Figure 1). Let’s say John Smith with the email address “” is a ScheduleOnce User. He can set the email name label to display John Smith to his Customers. John’s Customers will see “John Smith <>” in emails from him. By default, the Sent from name will be the User's name entered when he created his account. Please note that changing your name in the Personal details section of the User profile, does not change the email name label.

When customizing the Customer replies sent to email, John can choose to keep “” or, if John would like, he can change the Reply-to email to go to his assistant Sarah, whose email address is “”. If he does this, all Customer replies to booking notifications will go to Sarah and not John.

Figure 1: Notifications to the User's Customers

Email notifications sent to Users

Emails sent to Users will come from “ScheduleOnce Mailer <>” and not show a specific User's name. This makes it clear which email messages are related to a ScheduleOnce booking. The email address used for receiving notifications is the same as the Users's sign-in ID. Learn more about changing the sign-in ID

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Email settings when using Email from your domain

With Email from your domain, emails related to booking activity are customized to come from your domain and email address of your choice. This Sending email address will be universal for every User.

Let’s say you have a company called Example that owns the domain Example’s ScheduleOnce administrator can set the Sending email address for the account to be “Example <>”.

Note: When using Email from your domain, the reply-to email address in notifications sent to Customers will be the email address of the Booking page Owner, as set in the Notifications section of the Owner's User profile.

To locate the Email from your domain settings:

  1. Go to Setup.
  2. Open the left sidebar.
  3. Navigate to Tools -> Email from your domain.

Email notifications sent to Customers

Email notifications sent to Customers will be sent from the universal email address with your domain name. The name label and reply-to email address will be the Booking page Owner's name and email, as set in the Notifications section of the Owner's User profile. For example, emails from John Smith will show as sent from “John Smith <>” with John's reply-to address: "".

Email notifications sent to Users

Booking related emails and new User sign-up emails sent to Users in the SehcudleOnce account will come from “Example <>”, and not from a specific User's name.

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Figure 2: Email from your domain

What happens if my email domain experiences issues?

With Email from your domain you can rest assured that Users and Customers will always receive booking-related emails. We have built the necessary mechanism to ensure that in cases of connection errors with your email domain, an automatic fallback that sends emails from ScheduleOnce mailer is turned on until connection is restored. Learn more about Troubleshooting Email from your domain

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