Using ScheduleOnce with Office 365 Calendar

Important:  To be able to connect ScheduleOnce to your Office 365 Calendar, you must have a calendar in Outlook on the web for business, which is provided with Exchange Online. Learn more

Connecting ScheduleOnce to your Office 365 calendar ensures a secure, real-time integration between your Office 365 calendar appointments and your busy time in ScheduleOnce. This means that ScheduleOnce bookings will flow seamlessly into your Office 365 calendar and busy events in your connected calendar will block out availability in your booking page so you don’t get double booked. Your calendar information is always kept private and calendar appointments and free/busy patterns are never revealed to customers.

Connecting and configuring Office 365 Calendar

Your Office 365 Calendar can easily be connected to your ScheduleOnce Booking pages. For each of your Booking pages, you can select the calendar in which bookings will be created, the calendars from which busy time will be retrieved, and any additional calendars in which you want an event created when a booking is made.

Connecting ScheduleOnce to your Office 365 calendar only takes a few moments.  Learn more

When are Office 365 Calendar events treated as busy in ScheduleOnce? 

Office 365 Calendar has a number of different 'show me as' settings that determine whether ScheduleOnce reads your event as busy, blocking your availability on your Booking page(s). Learn more

Office 365 Calendar connection FAQ

Read our Office 365 FAQ for answers to common questions about the ScheduleOnce integration with Office 365. Related articles:

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