Installing the ScheduleOnce connector for Salesforce

The Salesforce setup wizard includes 5 phases: API connection, Installation, Field validation, Field mapping, and Creation rules. In this article you will learn how to install the ScheduleOnce connector package in Salesforce. Installation is a three step process, with Step 1 described here.

You can install the ScheduleOnce connector for Salesforce directly from ScheduleOnce.


To install the connector from ScheduleOnce, you will need:

  • A ScheduleOnce Administrator.
  • A Salesforce Administrator in your organization.

Installing directly from ScheduleOnce

To install the connector from ScheduleOnce:

  1. Log in to your ScheduleOnce account.

  2. Go to Setup, open the left sidebar and select Integrations -> CRM integration.

  3. In the Salesforce box, click the Setup button (see Figure 1).

    Figure 1. Salesforce Setup.

  4. From the API Connection tab, click the Continue button OR click the Installation tab.

  5. On the Installation tab, click the Install connector button (see Figure 2).

    Figure 2. Install ScheduleOnce connector for Salesforce.

  6. Log in to Salesforce

  7. On the Salesforce Install Package landing page, select Install for All Users and then click the Install button (see Figure 3).

    Figure 3. Salesforce Install Package Landing Page.

  8. Once installation is complete, click the Done button.

  9. Return to ScheduleOnce and reload the page, then navigate back to the Installation tab and see that the Connector is now installed (see Figure 4). Please note that the API User must be connected to see that the connector is installed in the Installation tab.

    Note: After the Connector is installed in Salesforce, it can take up to 10 minutes before it shows Connector installed on the Installation tab in your ScheduleOnce account. 
    Note that when you are using the advanced security mode, ScheduleOnce will not have access to the status of the package installation in your Salesforce organization. 

You have completed Step 1 of the install process, the package installation step. Now you must proceed to Step 2, which is described in the Assign the ScheduleOnce permission set to the API User article.

Figure 4. ScheduleOnce Connector package is successfully installed in Salesforce.

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