Customizing refund settings

The ScheduleOnce connector for PayPal allows you to process refunds as an integral part of your booking process:

  • Customers can automatically receive refunds when they cancel a booking.
  • Users can issue refunds directly from the Activity stream.

In this article, you will learn how to set the refund settings for your account.


To customize the Refund settings, you will need to be a ScheduleOnce Administrator.

Selecting the Refund settings for your ScheduleOnce account

  1. Log in to your ScheduleOnce account.
  2. Go to Setup, open the left side bar, and navigate to Integrations -> Payment integration.
  3. Click the Customize payment settings button to reach Payment settings.

In the Refund settings you will have the following options available for your account (See Figure 1):

  1. Select the Refund settings option for your account.

    Figure 1: Refund settings

Learn more about our PayPal integration:

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