Automatic refunds via ScheduleOnce

Our Payment integration handles all payments throughout the booking lifecycle, including the issue of automatic refunds. Subject to your Cancellation policy, Customers can be automatically refunded when they cancel a booking with you. Automatic refunds allow you to streamline your booking related financial processes and increase customer satisfaction.

When refunds are issued automatically upon a cancellation initiated by a Customer, the following events occur:

  • Customers are notified of the refund and a credit invoice is sent. Note that the credit invoice will not be sent if you refund your Customers via PayPal.
  • The transaction is captured via the PayPal API and is accessible in the Home page Activity stream and in detailed Revenue reports.

Note: To automatically refund your Customers via ScheduleOnce, you must enable the manual and automatic processing of refunds via ScheduleOnce option for your ScheduleOnce account.


To configure automatic refunds via ScheduleOnce, you will need to be a ScheduleOnce Administrator and have an active connection to your PayPal account.

Configuring automatic refunds via ScheduleOnce

To configure automatic refunds via ScheduleOnce:

  1. Connect ScheduleOnce to your PayPal account
  2. Enable the manual and automatic processing of refunds option for your ScheduleOnce account
  3. Set the Cancellation policy for your Event types
  4. Test your setup by scheduling a booking and cancelling the booking on the Cancel/reschedule page. Learn more about testing the ScheduleOnce connector for PayPal

Learn more about our PayPal integration:

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