Master page: Overview section

The Master page Overview section summarizes the main properties of the current Master page. Use the shortcut dropdown at top right to switch Master pages without returning to the Master pages list on the Setup screen. You can disable your page to stop accepting bookings, or enable it using the switch at the top right.

Sharing and publishing


Main settings

  • Scenario - The selected Master page scenario will be listed here. The scenario determines the scheduling flow. Master pages can have one of four different flows: Rule-based assignment, Event types first (Booking pages second), Booking pages first (Event types second), or Booking pages only.

  • Locale - The selected locale determines the date, date format, and language of the page. The Master page locale overrides the locale of included Booking pages. Learn more about the Localization editor

  • Theme - To ensure visual consistency, the Master page theme overrides the theme applied to each Booking page included in the Master page. The theme applied to the Master page determines the logo, design and branding when the page link is shared. This theme does not apply when the page is published.


A Master page includes Booking pages

Each Master page provides a single point of access to multiple Booking pages. If the Master page scenario is Booking pages only, Event types first, or Booking pages first, Customers on your Master page will manually select the provider. If the Master page scenario is Rules-based assignment, bookings will be automatically assigned to the relevant provider based on the assignment rules defined. Learn more about including Booking pages in a Master page

A Master page offers Event types

Event types offered on your Master page allow your Customer to select the type of meeting they require before selecting the date and time. Event types are added to Master pages either directly or indirectly. Learn more about offering Event types on a Master page

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