ScheduleOnce Tools in a nutshell

ScheduleOnce provides several tools that allow you to customize your Customers' experience. These tools are simple to use, yet have wide functionality for integrating scheduling with your processes and brand. From the look and feel of your Booking pages, to the notifications your Customers receive, you can provide the experience that your Customers expect when they book appointments with you.

ScheduleOnce tools include:

You can find all the tools in your ScheduleOnce account by going to Setup and opening the left sidebar. Please note that only Administrators can access tools in their ScheduleOnce accounts.

Notification templates editor

The Notification templates editor is an advanced WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor that provides you with utmost flexibility over the content, look & feel, and branding of your notifications by email and SMS. Whether you want to create your own templates from scratch, tweak the wording a bit, or simply add a logo, building a Custom notification template within the editor will facilitate almost every requirement you have. Learn more about the Notification templates editor

Booking forms editor

The Booking forms editor is an robust tool to collect information from your Customers during the booking process. You choose the questions to appear in the Booking form step and the order in which they are presented, giving you control over your Customer’s booking experience. Learn more about the Booking forms editor  

Theme designer

The ScheduleOnce theme designer is a powerful branding tool that allows you to fully customize the look & feel of your Booking pages and Master pages. There are five out-of-the-box system themes you can use and adjust, or you can create your own custom themes from scratch. Each theme includes a logo, call-to-action color, font, background image, and many other properties. Learn more about the Theme designer  

Email from your domain

Email from your domain allows you to personalize all ScheduleOnce email communications sending address. When using this tool, all emails related to booking activity, the ScheduleOnce widget, and new User sign-up, will be sent from your domain and email address of choice. The sending address will be universal for all account Users, but each User can personalize the sending name label for communication to their own Customers. Learn more about Email from your domain

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