Booking page: Associating Event types

Event types are a powerful tool to standardize the meeting types that will be offered on different Booking pages. We recommend associating your Booking page with at least one Event type. This enables better modeling of advanced scheduling scenarios (e.g. multi-User scenarios using Pooled availability) and provides a better scheduling experience for your Customers. 

When associating Event types with Booking pages, some of your scheduling settings will be related to the Event type, and some will be related to the Booking page. The settings related to each entity are:

Note: If you prefer that the Booking form and Customer notifications sections be related to the Booking page, even when you are using Event types, you can change this in the Account settings.


 To associate Event types with a Booking page, you must have permission to edit the Event types section of the Booking page.

Associating Event types

  1. Create the Event types that you wish to use. Note that you can also duplicate existing Event types.
  2. Go to Setup and select the relevant Booking page.
  3. Select the Event types section of the Booking page. The list of Event types created in your account appears. (See Figure 1)

Figure 1: Event type section
  1. Check the checkbox next to each Event type that you wish to associate with this Booking page. 
  2. Click Save.

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