Multiple meeting types – Using both Event types and Booking pages

Event types and Booking pages can be used together to meet a wide range of scheduling scenarios for offering Event types at different locations or at specific hours or days.

You offer 2 Event types: Event type 1 and Event type 2. On Mondays and Tuesdays, you are at Location A, and on Wednesday through Friday at Location B.

Two Booking pages can be created, with the following services added: – Event type 1, Event type 2 – Event type 1, Event type 2

Now, you can create a Master page where a Customer can choose a particular Event type, and then be shown a list of Booking pages showing locations where that Event type is offered or vice versa. Once an Event type and location is chosen, the meeting can be scheduled only at times when that particular Event type is offered at the desired location.

Follow these steps to create multiple meeting types with Event type and Booking pages:

  1. Create the Event type as explained in the Using Event types for multiple meeting types article.

  2. Create the Booking pages as explained in the Using Booking pages for multiple meeting types article.

  3. Go to each Booking page and add the relevant Event type in the Event types section.

  4. Create a new Master page and add your personal details in the Public content section.

  5. In the Master page setup area, add the Booking pages to the Master page and customize the scheduling process, selection text and labels.

  6. Click the Master page customer link in the Master page's Overview section, and test your Master page with Event types and Booking pages.

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