Multiple meeting types – Using Event types

Follow these steps to offer different appointment types on your Booking page:

  1. By going to Setup -> Event types, you can create the Event types you need and define the settings for each Event type. Complete instructions on Event type settings are available in the Event type section.

  2. Go back to Setup -> relevant Booking page and add your Event types to your Booking page under the Event types section. You will notice that the Scheduling options, Time slots, Booking formCustomer notifications and Cancel/reschedule sections moved from your Booking page and are now located on your Event types.

  3. Click the customer link in the Overview section of your Booking page, and test your Booking page with Event types.

If you would like to have more control over text and names seen by your Customers, you can use a Master page which will provide you with more flexibility to customize the selection instructions and the Event type and Provider labels:

  1. Create a new Master page and add your personal details (like in your Booking page) in the Public content section. See the article on Master pages for more information.

  2. In the Master page you can add your Booking page to the Master page. Customize the selection instructions and Provider and Event type labels.

  3. Click the Master page Customer link in the Overview section of the Master page, and test your Master page with Event types.

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