Introduction to Master pages

Master pages unite multiple Booking pages into one point of access for your Customers, and provide support for a wide range of scheduling scenarios. Use Master pages for:


Master page sections

Overview: The Overview section shows the main properties of the Master page. It includes details about sharing and publishing the page, main settings, as well as what Booking pages and Event types are included in the page.

Included Booking pages: This section is where you select which Booking pages are included in the Master page. All Booking pages in a Master page must be the same type (either with Event types or without). In this section, you will only see Booking pages of the type chosen when you created the page. Learn more about including Booking pages

Flow and assignment: This is where you define the scheduling process. You can customize the selection instructions, labels for your Booking pages and Event types, and the scheduling flow your customers will experience. Learn more about Flow and assignment

Public content: Here you can name your Master page and provide details that your Customers will see when they book with you. You can upload an image and provide your contact details. Learn more about Public content


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