System requirements

What are the system requirements for using ScheduleOnce?

ScheduleOnce uses advanced HTML and JavaScript technologies. Therefore, it performs best on modern browsers that support the latest internet standards.

On the desktop

  • Google Chrome: Latest versions
  • Mozilla Firefox: Latest versions
  • Microsoft Edge: Latest versions
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer: version 11 and above
  • Apple Safari on a Mac*: version 5 and above

*We recommend not to use Safari on Windows. Apple has stopped its development and it may contain bugs.

On Mobile devices

  • The customer side fully supports iOS and Android devices.
  • The administration side supports mobile phones and tablets running Android and iOS.

If you are using a browser that is not on this list, you may still be able to work with ScheduleOnce, but it is not recommended, as performance and presentation may not be optimal.

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